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Networking 101: Get NetWorkWise Certified!

Why You Should Get Certified

The NetWorkWise Certified Professional (NWW-CP) credential validates the accomplishment of being recognized as a leading expert in developing world-class relationships through networking to foster connectivity and improve business worth. It empowers individuals and organizations with the knowledge, habits, and confidence to nurture expansive personal and professional networks built on deep connections that instill trust.

Through self-paced micro-courses, downloadable resources, quiz questions and action steps focused on practical networking strategies and techniques, the NetWorkWise Certification helps you gain an understanding of the proper ways to cultivate and nurture robust relationships to enhance your success. Once complete, you receive credentials validating you as an expert in fostering high-caliber connections.

Building trusted networks is a learned durability skill. This course teaches you how to do it!

Who Should Get Certified

Do you want to establish substantial business connections and improve your relationships with colleagues and clients? Maybe you're searching for a job or partnering with a mentor? Perhaps you're a small business owner getting your company off the ground or just interested in creating rapport with like-minded individuals - this course is for you!

The NetWorkWise Certification is a gold-standard comprehensive program that brings your networking skills to the next level. This credential is ideal especially for those in positions where cultivating influential and mutually beneficial relationships is essential including:

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Individuals in Leadership Roles
  • Relationship Managers
  • Organizational Developers
  • Sales & Account Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers & Educators
  • Graduate Students

Enroll today and become a NetWorkWise Certified Professional (NWW-CP)! You will soon see the rewards of creating long-lasting and meaningful connections that offer mutual value and significant benefits—both personally and professionally.

Upon Completion You Receive:

  • The NetWorkWise Certified verified credential and digital badge that can be used in email signatures, on LinkedIn and social media, business cards, websites, brochures, self-promotional materials and more to signify your achievement
  • Certificate of Completion that you can proudly display will be mailed to you
  • Validation that you are now recognized as a leading expert in developing world-class relationships which foster high-caliber connectivity and improve business worth
  • Invitation to join a private LinkedIn Group for individuals who have become certified as a place to network and continue learning and honing superior relationship-building skills and techniques
  • Admittance to a diverse group of esteemed individuals who have made a commitment to improving their life by taking a sophisticated approach to nurturing expansive networks that instill trust and inspire professional and personal success

Key Outcomes For Your Business:

  • More valuable and productive employees
  • An increase in tenure, diversity, accountability, collaboration and creativity
  • An overall raise in your organization's networking efficiency
  • Successful transition of employees into new roles within the organization
  • Access to expert networking strategies, tools, and principles
  • A raise in social capital and agility which directly enhances leadership and influence throughout the organization
  • Belonging to a diverse and powerful network of professionals who have earned this esteemed certification
  • Preparation for the future of work and being effective in agile environments, cross-functional teams, and matrix organizational structures
  • Improved staff morale and retention through a faster and more successful career path progression, as well as an employee’s personal investment in building their internal networks and associated social capital

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NetWorkWise Certification recognized domestically and internationally?
Yes - Both
How long is this course?
The total length of course videos is approximately 90 minutes - It includes 13 self-paced micro-courses, multiple downloadable resources, and mandatory quiz questions and Action Steps to complete
How many quiz questions are there?
There are 42 quiz questions in total - You will answer 2-5 multiple choice questions after each of the 13 modules
What happens if I don’t pass?
You have the opportunity to re-take the quiz if you do not pass the first time
How will I know I achieved the NetWorkWise Certification?
Once you’ve completed the Networking 101 course and all required Action Steps you will submit your information to NetWorkWise for review - After your details are evaluated you will be advised in writing through email whether or not you have achieved the NetWorkWise Certified Professional (NWW-CP) credential
How long is the certification good for?
Certification is valid for 3 years

Your Instructor

Adam Connors
Adam Connors

Adam Connors is the Founder & CEO of NetWorkWise, a company that expedites outcomes for individuals and organizations by providing education in the science and art of networking. He’s a sought-after speaker who empowers people through online training and in-person workshops with the expertise to cultivate world-class relationships. He is the podcast host of Conversations with Connors and creator of the esteemed NetWorkWise Certification, a credential that validates the accomplishment of being a leader in fostering connectivity.

Adam is a social architect and super-connector who is known for his expansive network and an extraordinary ability to open difficult doors. Throughout his professional experience, Adam recognized a need for both individuals and organizations to learn proper networking techniques and relationship-building strategies that transform lives and accelerate business growth—and NetWorkWise was born.

An entrepreneur at heart, for more than 20 years Adam has been influential in developing companies across various industries, including three executive search firms in multiple verticals and a boutique career consulting business. He has inspired countless management consultants, technology startup executives, and Fortune 500 leaders to unlock higher performance and build successful careers.

Adam has served as Managing Director at Simia Capital, Managing Director at GWG MCA Capital, Inc., and Managing Director at Walker Preston Capital, LLC. He’s highly skilled in multiple industries to include but not limited to Structured Finance, Neurotechnology, Cannabis, Sports & Entertainment, Financial Services, and Real Estate. In addition, Adam owns a boutique residential real estate company and previously held his Real Estate License. He was also a licensed FINRA Registered Rep.

Originally from New York, Adam now resides with his family in Hoboken, New Jersey. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Quinnipiac College.

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